Chronic health challenges present on-going and unpredictable changes that wear down your resilience and can make your work life unbearable -- or non-existent. I will work with you to create a more fulfilling and satisfying life while living with even the most debilitating chronic health challenges.

My practice is designed to meet you where you are, now. In addition to the specific programs below, we can design a program that is more specific to your needs. For more information about this, contact me.



Do chronic health problems make it difficult to continue in your job or to stay at work? If this is your experience, in this program you will identify what you want to be different, explore where change is possible and find out what it will take to achieve it. Working in a safe space with a coach who understands your situation and will support you along the way, you will:

Develop the capacity to know what you need to do to protect the career that you have worked hard to achieve.

Identify the barriers you face and the opportunities that you can use.

Learn new skills and improve on existing ones so you can manage your health and your work life to the best
of your abilities.

The Stay at Work Program Includes

“When you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, it changes your life. Rosalind worked with me to create a career plan for the next phase of my life. This has enabled me to remain employed in a position where I can thrive. I now have the skills to develop my own strategic plan. This was an outstanding experience that helped me elevate my career and develop personal assessment skills that I use everyday!” Ginny M., multiple sclerosis

“I found that the day-to-day navigation of a chronic illness was tricky and assumed I would have to muddle through on my own. Then I heard about Chronic Illness Career Coaching. By the end of the first session with Rosalind, I was hooked. She knew the questions to ask, but more importantly, she knew when to listen. A year later and I still use the skills and techniques I learned in coaching on a daily basis.” Dan L., pyoderma gangrenosum

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Do you want to return to the workforce but worry that bad health will get in your way -- or make it impossible? You know that you face impediments but they don’t have to be obstacles. Working in a safe space with a coach who understands your situation and will support you along the way, you will:

Develop the capacity to view your situation through a different lens so you can identify the challenges and opportunities.

Establish realistic goals and design a roadmap that will make your goals achievable.

Develop the skills you need to improve your situation, e.g., job search, business development, networking, etc.

The Back to Work program includes:

“When I started my transition back to work, I was 'fighting the illness'. The techniques and strategies we worked on taught me to slow down and follow a process versus rush through so I could just find a job. The result is that I know how to work successfully again while living with illness.” Sue M., mitochondrial myopathy

“Working with chronic illness is as much about managing energy as managing time or tasks. Rosalind taught me to be intentional about my actions at work, always being mindful of pain and energy levels. Pain has caused me to quit three jobs. I gladly report that I've now worked full-time for three years, certainly a relief as a young professional with a toddler.” Jeffrey K., fibromyalgia

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Are you stuck trying to figure out a specific career issue because of chronic health challenges? Are you trying to figure out what to do regarding a specific question or issue in which your health is impacting your successful performance at work?

This three session program is carefully crafted to explore a single issue topic and give you the information, tools or skills you need to improve the situation.

“I do not believe I would have been able to manage a very troubling situation at work without Rosalind’s guidance. Her clarity, empathy and commitment to my success were exactly what I needed.” Sam P., crohn’s

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Living life as a 20 or 30-something with chronic illness is not easy, is it?

While your friends are 'living the life', sky-rocketing their careers, starting families, and taking vacations, you are falling behind. When your days are filled with managing medications, and fitting in the countless medical appointments, you are feeling like you are barely getting by. It looks so easy for everyone else. Why not you?

"Thanks to this, I will always make my health a priority by making career path adjustments as needed without abandoning my ideas or dreams." Teneisha A., multiple sclerosis

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Do you dream about a different career path or starting your own business but you don’t know how to turn the dream into action? Does chronic illness feel like a barrier you can’t get past?

“Working with Rosalind made me think about what I want to do and could do -- instead of always focusing on what I can’t do. In this program, I pushed myself and was more focused than I’d ever been around this issue. And that’s what I needed so I could make a difficult decision. Working with Rosalind showed me my options and helped me make the best choices for me.” Jennifer P.

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